19 February 2017

Doll City: Prologue

Doll City: Prologue is a Virtual Reality game for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Based on the Cyberpunk universe of Potentiel, between exploration, contemplation, side-scroller and infiltration.



Doll City: Prologue is a Virtual Reality game in a Cyberpunk comics universe. Adapted and thought into a Virtual Reality experience, it is a mix between exploration and different kinds of gameplays. Doll City brings you inside a dying Cyberpunk world, while giving you the impression of living the last « trip » of a junkie. This virtual comics / museum of a universe in which corruption and decadance coexist with angels, beauty and wonders. Welcome to the edge, in the madness of a daydream, where medicines slowly burn the last hopes of the megalopolis of Doll City.


Doll City: Prologue is available on Steam in Early Access.