30 March 2017


Augmented Reality (AR)



  • smartphones & tablets
  • AR Glasses
  • AR & VR Head Mounted Displays (PC)


AR Business Card

Bring your business card to life thanks to this AR groundbreaking technology! We can create a tailor made 3D animation which can also display all relevant information on the screen of your smartphone / tablet.



AR Gallery / Museum

Take your exposed paintings and photographs to another dimension by adding AR movement, interactions and real time display of valuable and educational information.


Training and maintenance for industry

Visualize in real time technical specificities, operating manual and safety instructions for complex machinery in your workplace. Possibility to have a live chat with a specialist for a better operational accuracy.


Virtual Reality



  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Rift
  • Windows MR HMDs
  • Cardboard / Gear VR



Raising awareness of safety rules in industrial environments

Have your workers face and react to various hazards happening in their working environment. Optimize safety in your workplace with a risk-free and deeply intuitive solution.



Industrial training

Train your employees to specific machines or workflow proper to your enterprise. Obtain better results and motivation through the use of serious gaming mechanics. We can replicate with precision your equipment and workplace environment.



Escape Room

Try to escape a virtual place before time runs out. Solve puzzles and avoid the traps on your way to success. VR allows the creation of limitless environments and scenarios, independant to your area. With our partner Firis, we can also create specific objects and furniture you can use both in real and virtual world.


Event organization and animation

We can provide you all you need to introduce your VR or AR application during an event (exhibition, show, launch party…):

  • VR & AR devices
  • VR & AR ready computers
  • Experimented hosts and demonstrators


Virtual Theater

Imagine a huge movies theater, a small intimate room, or any kind of other environment. Sit down comfortably, make yourself at home, and watch any kind of movie, from standard 2D on a giant screen to 360 3D. We can also include 4D events during the projection.


Arcade Games

A simple goal, intuitive controls and gameplay for immediate gaming pleasure Thanks to VR, arcade games regained their former glory!



Immersive Experience

Move around a scenery of your choice, with different ambiances (relaxing, breathtaking, horrific…). From a simple walk to the most frenetic roller coaster, VR allows you to spread your values and define your own universe. We can also integrate action sequences, puzzles and interactions with the setting.



Immersive Tour

A tour of your workplace, your architectural project or an imaginary world tailor made to your image. We can integrate various interactions with your products, animated events or elements to create an experience nobody will forget!