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Infiniverse is a development and professional design studio specializing in Virtual Reality and new technologies. Made up of four authors/producers, project outcomes are designed through the provision of knowledge and experience in their specific fields. Each of them enjoys a different know-how, allowing them to adapt to the needs and offer custom services.


In addition to being creators, they are above all enthusiasts and users of this technology. This team draws its expertise in the constant search for new sensations to the public. The will to create and bring new techniques to the world of Virtual Reality is the source of their inspiration from the beginning.


The community spirit they share allows Infiniverse to offer services adapted to the requests, particularly thanks to the different expertises that associate the whole. This team takes advantage of this sum of competences to offer quality contents in different fields.

Ongoing projects

Authors and producers of a large numbers of projects, the Infiniverse team has the advantage of being complementary.
Doll-City -Deeper Towards The Madness-Almighty Blade.

Doll-City is a Virtual Reality game in a cyberpunk comics universe. Adapted and thought into a Virtual Reality experience, it is a mix between exploration and different kinds of gameplays. Doll-City brings you inside a dying Cyberpunk world, while giving you the impression of living the last « trip » of a junkie. This virtual comics / museum of a universe in which corruption and decadance coexist with angels, beauty and wonders. Welcome to the edge, in the madness of a daydream, where medicines slowly burn the last hopes of the megalopolis of Doll-City. Deeper Towards The Madness Expore the darkest corners of Earth and of your mind to discover an unbearable truth. The unspeakable was, is and will be for eternity. Deeper Towards The Madness is a first person exploration game inspired by « H.P. Lovecraft 's universe. This project is developed under Unreal Engine 4 et compatible with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. At the Japan Expo 2016, in Paris, a few hundreds heroes joined the adventure of Almighty Blade. Here they pursued their first sword and shield training. They learnt a powerful combo. So that when the time has come, they will be ready to fight. Some heroes where more scared than others...

  • Doll-City


Founding members!
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Développeur UE4 BP/ Level designer/ Concept art / infosgraphie /Animation. Lead project : Doll city
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Developpeur UE4 Game designer /Level designer/Blueprints Visual Scripting. Lead project : ‘Deeper Towards The Madness’
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Unity developer, C# programmer, English translator, lead project Almighty Blade
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Expertise sonore / Son 3d / MusIque / Bruitage lead Sound designer



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